SS-01 • Advanced direct-drive electric machines for energy harvesting, electric propulsion and actuation
Co-Chairs: Dr. T.W. Ching, Dr. Wenlong Li
SS-02 • Advances in Data-Driven Process Monitoring and Control for Complex Industrial Systems
Co-Chairs: Dr.-Ing. Hao Luo, Dr.-Ing. Zhiwen Chen, Prof. Okyay Kaynak
SS-03 • Network-Based Control, Filtering and Their Applications
Co-Chairs: Professor Yu-Long Wang, Professor Qing-Long Han, Professor Chen Peng
SS-04 • Edge-leading Solutions for Smart Cities
Co-Chairs: Gianluca Fabbri, Jaime Marco
SS-05 • Design and Control of Synchronous Reluctance Machines
Co-Chairs: Dr. Morgan Kiani, Dr. Leila Parsa
SS-06 • Power Electronics for HVDC Transmission and DC Networks
Co-Chairs: Georgios Konstantinou, Josep Pou Zixin Li
SS-07 • Power Electronics Applied to Electric Vehicles
Co-Chairs: Oscar Lucia, Kazuhiro Umetani, Hector Sarnago
SS-08 • Stability analysis and security control of hybrid networked systems
Co-Chairs: Associate Professor Wangli He, Professor Jian Sun, Professor Qing-Long Han
SS-09 • Electric Vehicle and Smart Grid Integration
Co-Chairs: Associate Professor Ahmad Zahedi
SS-10 • Motion Control for Advanced Mechatronics
Co-Chairs: Yasutaka Fujimoto, Hiroshi Fujimoto, Sehoon Oh
SS-11 • Model Predictive Control for Renewable Energy Integration
Co-Chairs: Dr. Christian A. Rojas, Dr. Pablo Acuna, Dr. Ricardo P. Aguilera, Prof. John Fletcher
SS-12 • Design of Resilient Renewable Energy & Storage Systems
Co-Chairs: Federico Baronti, Mo-Yuen Chow, Chengbin Ma
SS-13 • New developments for human factors engineering
Co-Chairs: Prof. Jinhua She, Assoc. Prof. Sho Yokota, Assoc. Prof. Daisuke Chugo
SS-14 • Modelling and Control in Smart Grid
Co-Chairs: Dr. Chaojie Li, Dr. Guo Chen, Dr. Yushu Zhang
SS-15 • DC Shipboard Power Systems for the future All Electric Ships
Co-Chairs: Marco Cupelli, Thomas Strasser, Andrea Benigni, Marcelo Perez
SS-16 • Advanced Modelling and Optimization Methods for Power Converters and Systems
Co-Chairs: Zhen Li, Guoen Cao, Hong Li
SS-17 • Smart Automation, Control, and ICT Concepts applied to Power and Energy Systems
Co-Chairs: Thomas Strasser, Paulo Leitão, Marco Cupelli, Sebastian Rohjans, Filip Pröstl Andrén
SS-18 • Advanced Energy Management for Microgrids and Embedded Systems
Co-Chairs: Pr Brayima DAKYO, Pr Manuela SECHILARIU, Pr Kodjo AGBOSSOU
SS-19 • Condition Monitoring and Edge Computing Services for Industrial Systems
Co-Chairs: Lei Shu, Yu Zhang, Zhangbing Zhou
SS-20 • Consumer Wireless Technology for Industrial Applications
Co-Chairs: Adnan M. Abu-Mahfouz, Lei Shu, Gerhard P. Hancke
SS-21 • Design and Implementation Issues of Model Predictive Control for Electrical Machines
Co-Chairs: Sertac Bayhan, Marco Rivera, Mohamed Trabelsi

SS-22 • Digital Holography for Industrial Applications
Co-Chairs: Dr. Peter Wai Ming, Tsang, Prof. T.-C. Poon

SS-23 • Power Electronics and Electric Machines for Aerospace Applications
Co-Chairs: Giampaolo Buticchi, Michael Galea, Davide Barater

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